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"1St information much.-the lack of information is the enemy of the product on may, before launching a high performance fish try to specialized technical guidance it will guarantee the best form of investment to the ideal size to your needs.
" Which is fish farming: fish farming is the art of producing stocks under controlled conditions or semi controlled. FORMS or types of PISCICULTURA: There are several types to fish farming. AQUACULTURE extend- as its name implies, this type of farming is done in large bodies of water where the hand of the man alone is involved in the planting and harvesting. Fish farming intensive SEMI-takes place in artificial ponds for this purpose where there is a direct control over the population of stocks and both natural and artificial food. INTENSIVE AQUACULTURAL.-two production lines should be considered in this category: ponds and CAGES. Pond - In the first case required construction technically designed ponds to proper control of flow and water quality. Cages-floating have should be put in lakes, dams and rivers and take account of the same considerations that other modalities of the quality of water steps for fish farming intensive cultivation: selection of pond: rectangular preferably of 20 to 30 MT of wide by 50 to 150 MT in length and a depth of 2.5 to 3.5 MT.  That this located in clean and high land that does not have fallen in the pond trees.  Without aquatic vegetation (rooted and floating).  That not have input or output of water, if it has input and output this must be controlled by sluice gates.  That the House, located a short distance of the poza.  To not dry throughout the year.  That water is not used for human consumption the pond preparation: cleaning of the contour.  Layout and layout of the pond.  Construction of a dam or rampart.  Enmallado or protection of the poza (to prevent entry of predators).  Cleaning of the aquatic vegetation (coastal, rooted and floating plant).  Elimination of predators (manual trawl mesh) and chemistry with cal physical-chemical analysis of water (transparency, Ph, and dissolved oxygen) water fertilization (compost as manure, or porquinaza + inorganic NPK and Urea) sometimes all it takes is the use of limestone dolomitic. SELECTION of species for AQUACULTURAL: They must meet the following conditions. Have acceptance in the market.   They have rapid growth.  Not that it occur in growing conditions.  That it can support high densities.  Which are rustic (resistant to handling and transportation) species APTAS for AQUACULTURAL in our REGION Pacú (Colossoma macropomum) Tambaquí (Piará your brachypomum) Tambacú (hybrid of tambaquí and Pacu) Sábalo (Prochilodus Nigricans) Tucunare (Cichla nomoculus) Surubí (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum) Chuncuina (Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum) acquisition of FRY-the FRY them should acquire in producing plants, it is advisable that the average weight is of 5 gr., to avoid high rates of mortality and preferably the months of November to March. TRANSPORTATION and planting of FRY-The transport of the FRY them should be done according to the size of the same. From 1 to 5 g polyethylene bags between 7 to 10 litres of water and 2/3 of oxygen. Planting on the ponds place the bags with the Diamante in water for 10 - 15 minutes to equalize the temperature of the pool with the bags and then open the bag to allow release of juveniles leaning bags.  
POWER and CONTROL-Fish planted once will receive two types of food:
1.-the natural food, produced by fertilization and composting of the water of the pond.
2.-Artificial food consists of a balanced ration, with vitamins and proteins in order to further growth and to the pacusitos weight gain. Food is applied according to the weight of the biomass and the purpose pursued.
Control-The product must perform two types of controls: newspapers and periodicals daily to prevent the entry of birds that can hurt or eat the FRY and the existence of pacusitos killed by the transport.  Newspapers-to see the water such as: clarity, transparency, Ph, and dissolved oxygen to make the correction. And at the same time carry out monthly checks to fish to evaluate weight gain, growth inventory in order to make different rations should be supplied crop.-for the completion of the harvest the product has several alternatives: emptying the tanks but our environment is the use of a network of small Rhombus. It should be several times to get all the pacuces.
COMERCALIZACIÓN.-Her can be done by different marketing channels: producer - consumer. Producer - wholesaler - consumer. Producer - Wholesaler - retailer - consumer. To sell the product is required to have a contact with the various marketers to obtain higher selling price.  TRANSFORMATION-For having higher income makes the different forms of transformation: smoking fish, Milanese, Hamburger, Picado and cooked.

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