jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011


Our services-
·         production of Diamante of native species, allowing fish of high genetic value and potentially greater strength and efficiency in the transformation of ration/meat;
·         Selection of areas for fish projects;
·         Implementation of base for production of post larvae and Diamante;
·         Drafts;
·         Study of technical, economic and financial viability of aquaculture enterprises;
·         Topographic survey and development of plants of aquaculture projects;
·         Installation and operation of commercial aquaculture projects;
·         Fish beneficiamento plant projects; Fundraising projects;
·         Optimization of production in existing fish farms;
·         Reform and introduction of more efficient production systems;
·         Realization of technical skills; Production planning;
·         Inventories of financial actors;
·         Organizational structure of the production chain;
·         Technical training and training support foundations, universities and technical and rural producers. 
Equip technical. -MVZ. Marcos Venicius Monteiro de Queiroz medical veterinary and Chief COMVETBOL No. 200 Bn MVZ. Vlachieslav Martinez medical veterinarian and Chief Lic. Ramiro Irineo Alvarez Mamani administrator of empesas Dr. Moab Nermando Farias two Saints lawyer Mr. Fredson Camargo representative of acquamaster Bolivia for Brazil Associados; Biologists, Eng. Civil, Arquitetos contacts for older information. 
www.acquamasterbolivia.blogspot.com Marcosveterinario10@hotmail.com acquamasterbolivia@hotmail.com 71128020 Cel - Of - 3 46 29720
Trinidad - Beni - Bolivia.

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