domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

Greetings fish. Summary of the Congress of the 2011 WAS in NATAL - Brazil

by: Dr Marcos Venicius Monteiro de Queiroz medical veterinarian and Chief Manager ACQUAMASTER BOLIVIA
FENACAM, Feira do national Camarao and WAS world society of fish farmers 2011 in Natal. Selected by the WAS 2011 as the greater world aquaculture market, highlighted by the presence of the great scientists and researchers of international renown, finally with the exhibition of the best known companies in fish products and services have shown that technological advances in the area are the most effective of all time, because through them provide solutions and techniques to produce on an industrial scale any aquatic organism.   
Conducted from 6 to 10 June referred to by more than 5,000 visitors / day considered the fair of major global importance today it found the largest companies world-wide presence, NUTRECO, RIBE FRI, ACUAIMAGEN, ABRACOA, etc...; offering in a mega trade fair with the more modern aquaculture, among them is highlight company Chilean INNOVEX scanner equipment for aquaculture organisms teams that offer to the then under simple water mirror scanner offers an analysis of the quantity of fish in existence and their respective individual and total biomass in addition to control through a station for monitoring underwater water Limnologicalautomatically fixing various variables, as well as having a second Diamante scanner offering a count total of hundreds of animals in seconds, it seems film... good among other innovations were the tendency to intensify production as many companies allowing itself to this technology is so expressed various companies tanks through networks, cages and hachersoxigenadoras machines and heating equipment were feeling in the supply of basic solutions countering deadly effects of lack of oxygen and extreme cold. Every day through seminars in 5 halls auditoriums in the form of simultaneous being easy to choose topics according to your needs and desire for the participants. trends, the future then should be prepared to not waste water, make transitions to enhance their production, shorten time of despesca through genetically improved animals, introduction of transgenic animals with resistance to disease specific and adapted to climates and extreme conditions, in 10 years will become the greatest potential for supply of animal protein piscicola worldwideBrazil with support of growth strategies in the created by the Ministry of aquaculture aquaculture, boost the higher pole production world piscicola being Brazil the technological and political mirror of production worldwide piscicola; Preservation of the environment reuse of wastewater, optimization of fishery waste and conservation of global aquatic fauna, were topics of discussion where through the introduction of protectionist regulations and even while encouraging piscicola production, would be harsh laws to fortuitous extraction and support with technical follow-up to future legally established producers, aquaculture monstro today the productive worldwide better fish, already there were those who abominasen them today tilapia has achieved a logar of stand out among their different varieties have adapted to any situation extreme throughout this rustic endorsed scientifically to various studies of improvement associated with his great precocity transforms it in machine win silver. Finally to fans of the paiche imagine it all adversities of production of this animal in captivity were resolved than artificial reproduction and eggs incubation were resolved, because not imagine more in 2011 WAS exhibited works and magnificent where scientific results have

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